You and your family are completely unique. All of you have your own special needs and preferences, different from any other. So when you’re hunting for a home, why assume that someone else’s old home will suit you? Instead of trying to adjust to a pre-existing home, you can build one that is made to accommodate your family’s individuality. We are here to help you bring your custom home to life. As professional contractors, we will oversee every step of your home’s creation, from the initial planning, to the finishing touches of decor.


We’ve spent years constructing beautiful custom homes for people in and around the Somerset West / Stellenbosch / Winelands area. With all that experience, our team has learned everything there is to know about designing and building unique dwellings that are the product of their owner’s original inspiration. You can’t go wrong in hiring our crew. Not only do we have the expertise you’re looking for, our friendly, understanding service makes working with us a fun and enjoyable experience.


When we tackle your custom home project, our ultimate goal is to provide you with a home that matches your way of life. We won’t impose our ideas. Instead, we will work with you as a team to develop a home design that builds upon your own. We pay special attention to your feedback and instructions, ensuring that you get a home that is made to perfectly suit your tastes and requirements.


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