1. When did you start working at Manor homes?
    Since June 2017
  2. What is your day –to- day function at work
    I manage and surpervise all aspects of the single residential houses which are assigned to me incl the development sites with my site managers.
    This entails programming all work coming up, ensuring specifications are in order, sticking to hand over dates and ensuring budgets are adhered to.
    Ensuring a quality product, communicating to architects and engineers, dealing with clients, invoicing, paying wages, crisis management, health and safety, client complaints, quoting client upgrade requestss, is also a part of my job
  3. What do you enjoy about your job
    I’m not completely office bound, work with a great bunch of like minded individuals and the completion of any home with a happy client is a great feeling of accomplishment as it started as an empty piece of land.
    I basically drive past and say “I built that”. I enjoy that aspect, which keeps me motivated to carry on
  4. Concrete, stone, wood or glass …? and why.
    Stone……It has the least impact on the environment and takes the least amount of energy to produce it, It can be used in concrete. It breaks glass. Is harder than wood and people with glass houses musnt throw stones.
  5. Whats your favourite Drink
    Klippies and coke. Coffee
  6. Best thing about summer
    No rain, long day light hours and builders holidays.
  7. Any fun activity or hobbies that you might have.
    Spending as much time with my wife and kids, Camping, the great outdoors, travelling and exploring new places is a priority, squash and watching TV after 9pm is my favourite hobby when at home chilling.