1. When did you start working at Manor Homes?
    February 2016
  2. What do you Love about your job?
    I love the variety. It means I am always learning. I love that my job challenges me every day in different ways. The people at Manor Homes are a pleasure to work with.
  3. Best thing about summer or winter?
    Summer. There’s a lot to love about summertime. Shorts, tank tops, dresses! Casual parties with friends around the fire pit! Summer puts you in a good mood and is also quite vital to our health.
  4. Concrete, stone, wood or glass   …? and why.
    Glass. It’s elegant and timeless. It preserves the flavour of food and drink, can be recycled over and over again, and is a beautiful, natural substance.
  5. What is your favourite summer or winter activity?
    My favourite summertime activity is to have a picnic with my husband and my daughter. It's so nice to just relax in the sunshine, enjoying good food and even better company.
  6. What is your signature drink?
    A nice glass of unwooded Chardonnay
  7. Favourite song on your play list?
    Any song from Coldplay