1. How long have you been working at Manor homes?
    Since May 2016
  2. What do you Love about your job?
    Seeing the house start from the ground to the roof, knowing that I took part in POLC-
    ing the building, becoming a team member and developing the area
  3. Best thing about summer or winter?
    Summer – its warmer, a lot is happening, like less distraction in wet-works, so my
    plan is always working
  4. Concrete, stone, wood or glass   …? and why.
    Concrete, when its moulded it stabilises the structure of formwork and it gives the
    strength on a beautiful home
  5. What is your favourite summer or winter activity?
    Summer – because I enjoy exercising and playing soccer
  6. What is your signature drink?
    Alcohol free drinks
  7. Favourite song on your play list?
    Deep House and Gospel