• When did you start working at Manor homes?
    Since February 2018
  • What do you enjoy about your job
    I love working with anything that has to do with Maths and organizing
  • Concrete, stone, wood or glass …? and why.
    Wood – I love old wooden antiques, wooden floors, wooden window frames. Wood gives an object character.
  • Whats your favourite Drink
    Gin and Tonic.
  • Best thing about summer or winter?
    Soup in winter and the heat in summer
  • What is your favourite summer or winter activity?
    Lying in the sun and making a vegetable garden. Winter activity – Going hunting with my Husband visiting the Kruger National Park; Going to ATKV – Eiland
  • Favourite song on your playlist?
    “Sewe Oseane” Andriette – But in general I love Afrikaans music