1. When did you start working at Manor homes?
    I started at Manor Homes on the 1st October 2013
  2. What is your day –to- day function at work
    I am the Site Foreman at Croydon Olive and Vineyard Estate. I run the building of new homes for clients on behalf of Manor Homes from start to finish. Managing all sub contractors and making sure that they deliver a high quality of workman ship, and that a product of high quality is delivered above and beyond the clients expectations. Managing payments to sub contractors on a fort nightly basis. Negotiating with suppliers. Ordering of all materials for every project. Meeting with clients to discuss changes and taking those changes forward. Dealing with architects and engineers with regards to structural implementations.
  3. What do you enjoy about your job
    The trust and freedom that I am given to perform my duties.
  4. What’s your favourite Drink
    J&B and Soda
  5. Best thing about summer
    Getting home in the evening after a day of work and lighting a fire
  6. Any fun activity or hobbies that you might have.
    When I get a chance I love to play tennis