1.When did you start working at Manor homes
Jan 2009
2.What do you Love about your job?
The Challenges, pressure and ever changing environment. The freedom of working under the African sun in Khaki shorts and shades.
3. Best thing about summer?
Spending time with Family and friends at the Beach, summer markets and any other outdoor activity.
4. Concrete, stone, wood or glass …? and why.
Concrete! Wood and glass are brittle and cost the dough, Concrete holds and bears everything together, without it there is no show.
5. What is your favourite summer activity?
Water Skiing and fishing at my little piece of heaven in the Klein Karoo, cold beers, braais and good laughs
6. What is your signature drink?
Rock Shandy’s by Day and Spiced Gold and Coke by night
7. Favourite song on your play list?
True by Spandau Ballet